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Is CNC Machining a Dying Trade in the Sector?

By Barrie / April 13, 2021

CNC machining developments were done in partnership with the Chief Engineering and President Engineer, Frank Stulen. He was hired by Parsons when serving as the head of Propeller Laboratories. As a team, they used various computational methods to find solutions to machining problems. To be more specific, they curated the interpolation of curves to describe helicopter […]


How to pick the right CNC machining services

By Barrie / March 3, 2021

When it comes to choosing CNC machining services, adequate knowledge of what the CNC machine will be used for is paramount. This would help you make the right decision regarding choosing the exact one that will be able to complete your tasks. Further, there are different types of CNC machine which ranges from milling machine, router, […]


Benefits Of Selling Stainless Steel Water Bottles

By Barrie / March 1, 2021

There are numerous manufacturers in the market selling wholesale stainless steel water bottles. These companies are very profitable and popular because stainless steel water bottles are currently very trendy. In this post, we will be looking at stainless steel water bottle benefits. Why would selling stainless steel water bottles be a good idea? Acquiring wholesale stainless […]


The Most Reliable Sellers of Diamond Painting Kits

By Barrie / January 12, 2021

Are you into painting and wondering where else you should capitalize on your talent? Are you searching for another hobby to sharpen? You are in the right place. A few decades ago, in Asia, diamond painting became an admirable art that people turned to for creativity. Today, amidst the pandemic that has claimed several jobs, many […]


How to work with a YouTube influencer for your business

By Barrie / December 16, 2020

YouTube influencer marketing is gradually taking over the platform. If you’re a business owner, it will be probably hard to find YouTube accounts or genuine influencers. In some cases, this can be a source of bother. Today, in this piece, we shall have a brief look ok how you can effectively make your business work through […]


How to Get Personalised Cases?

By Barrie / December 8, 2020

Chimi cases are the new frontier when it comes to quality case manufacture and production. But our most intriguing feature, however, is our customizing service. Our client reviews are a testament to the fact that we always deliver and we never let down our clients. Our Chimi case is well crafted and created to satisfy customer […]


Top Things to Look at When Hiring a Rapid Prototyping Company

By Barrie / October 29, 2020

Today, product appearance and development are among the services on demand in the manufacturing industry, and this will not be the case if not for prototyping. With an increase in demand for a new product, there is an extreme desire to shift the current product design phase to match the consumers’ demands. Before fully committing […]


Looking for a China Sourcing Agent the right way

By Barrie / October 28, 2020

When you run a business, there are various times you need a China Sourcing agent for your business. A sourcing agent is one of the best things you can do if you need your business to move to greater heights If you have no idea what a china sourcing agent can do for you, we will […]


How to Choose a Good Prototype Company

By Barrie / October 27, 2020

As the world evolves, many industries are beginning to see reasons why they should have a drafted version of their products or designs before releasing the finished version. Prototyping helps you to save costs, time, and energy. But, knowing how to get the best prototype shop to handle your first set of prototypes especially as a […]


Why Model-Making Is a Necessity in Architecture

By Barrie / October 15, 2020

Architecture is one field that has experienced some of the most remarkable technological advancements. From CAD drawings to 3D-printed models, you may wonder why the building industry still relies heavily on site model architecture. One reason is that handcrafting has always been one of the best exhibits of skills acquired in the architectural world. Handiworks […]

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