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How to Shop for a Document Camera

By Barrie / June 5, 2021

A document camera is not familiar to most people, but its technical abilities and functions are amazing. It is a device that projects and magnifies pictures of objects, transparencies, and paper notes. It is the modern version of the overhead projector used in the past in schools, conferences, offices and many other places. The camera is […]


Pros and cons of owning a shipping container restaurant

By Barrie / April 9, 2020

For most commercial-quality shipping containers, their time of life ends in roughly five years, during which they cease to be viable for shipping purposes. Many are discarded, relegated to abandoned shipyards for many years. A container that has outlived its usefulness for shipping can be redesigned and turned into a shipping container house. Many can […]


Reasons to buy the best platinum melting furnace

By Barrie / July 19, 2019

Production of platinum has come a long way from traditional methods that used extreme heat, to the smooth and clean one-step procedure. Nevertheless, to increase the output and make the process easier, buying the best platinum melting furnace is essential. However, with the numerous equipment of the same functions in the market, choosing a high-quality […]


How to Make Money by Writing Online?

By Barrie / April 9, 2018

Making money has become an essential entity in the current world. Many people are looking for various ways to make money. Business is the key thing for many of you who wish to make more money. I know many will take this as a joke but for a small group of unique individuals have chosen […]


How to Write a Business Plan

By Barrie / February 12, 2018

Whether you’re looking for business funding or a better way to manage your business, writing a good business plan is a great place to start. A great business plan will not only help with obtaining funds from lenders, it will also give you direction in how to structure and grow your business, be it a […]


Intending to Start a Business with Your Programming Knowledge? Make Sure You Know What Prototype Is First!

By Barrie / December 14, 2017

What is a prototype? Prototype refers to the initial appearance of a product. “Initial appearance” is not well-defined. Sometimes it is very close to the finished product, sometimes it looks well-developed but has only a few functions, and sometimes the function is complete but the interface has not been optimized. It’s actually case by case and […]