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Pros and cons of owning a shipping container restaurant

For most commercial-quality shipping containers, their time of life ends in roughly five years, during which they cease to be viable for shipping purposes. Many are discarded, relegated to abandoned shipyards for many years. A container that has outlived its usefulness for shipping can be redesigned and turned into a shipping container house. Many can be used to enhance the concept of “green housing.” The idea behind most restaurant designs is that each spot should be a place where you feel relaxed, comfortable, and able to enjoy the best meals you can afford.

Restaurant designs showcase the owner’s personality, tastes, and character. Visitors will be impressed and blown away by your shipping container restaurant. There is a new wave of architects who focus solely on shipping container restaurant architecture. In this write-up, we shall focus on the pros and cons of owning a shipping container restaurant.

Benefits of a shipping container restaurant

  • Affordable. Shipping container restaurants are cheap to set up. The cost you will incur in acquiring a used container and converting it into a finished restaurant is far less than the price of getting building materials and putting up a regular eatery. 
  • Shipping container restaurants can withstand any weather extremes, including tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes. In fact, each restaurant crafted from a shipping container can stand against winds blowing at 100 miles per hour. Once anchorage is added, a good container restaurant can withstand winds at 175 miles per hour. 
  • It is relatively easy to move a shipping container restaurant since the container was originally meant for transportation. 
  • Ease of setup and use. Implementing a finished container restaurant design is very easy. All you require is a company that you can procure the container from and some guys to transport it to your desired location. After that, simply implement your designs, and you will have a finished restaurant in no time. 
  • It is easy to add insulation to a shipping container restaurant, making it warm and cozy even during harsh weather.  
  • Environmentally friendly. By acquiring a shipping container restaurant, you will be recycling the used material of the container, thus promoting the green movement to preserve and maintain the earth’s habitats and ecosystems. 
  • Rapid setup. From the moment you book the container for purchase to the architectural designs to the installation of your finished restaurant, it takes a very short time for you to be the proud owner of a shipping container restaurant. 


  • Many shipping containers are made from Corteen steel or aluminum, making them superb conductors of heat. Temperatures can easily rise fast in a container without insulation.
  • Rust may be a recurrent issue that a shipping container restaurant owner may have to deal with.
  • Cargo containers are usually built to last a very long time and may have been covered in harmful solvents and paints during the manufacturing process. Inhaling these fumes may be a hazard to health.


Shipping container restaurants are fantastic projects that any artistic future restaurant owner should indulge in. The benefits far outweigh the risks, allowing you to own a restaurant that is stable, durable, and long-lasting while also being easily movable. Learn more from container home builders.

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