Why get an iPhone 6?

Yeebia is an online shopping platform that is available in several countries. This website provides a wide range of products, including TVs, vehicles, household electronic appliances, and phones, just to name a few. The platform is suitable for both new and used products. Real estate marketing is also available on Yeebia. The company prides itself on providing all sorts of products and serving thousands of clients daily. One of the common products sold on Yeebia is used iPhones. For example, you can buy iPhone 6 on Yeebia at affordable prices. The prices differ depending on the features, state of the phone, and the model. Because new iPhones have hit the market since the launch of the iPhone 6, why should you get one?

Features of iPhone 6

  • Display

One of the unique features of the iPhone 6 series is the retina display. The display features a significant PPI number. While the display is LCD, which is similar to the previous version, it is a better version than the latter. The iPhone 6 display resolution is 750 by 1440 pixels. The display also features an ion-strengthened glass, 16M colors, and an oleophobic protective coating. The 4.7-inch display is a significant improvement from that of the iPhone 5S.

  • Interface

Another feature of the iPhone 6 series is the iOS 8 operating system. The OS can, however, get upgraded to iOS 12.4.4. It also features a dual-core Typhoon CPU with 1.4 GHz speed, A8 chipset,  and GPU graphics powered by a quad-core processor.

  • Camera

Like the former iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 series features an 8MP camera. However, it comes with a larger sensor. The sensor features an impressive aperture value and a dual-LED tone flash. The front camera, on the other hand, is a 1.2 with a face detection feature. The phone also features a digital stabilization feature for images and cinematic video stabilization as well.

  • Sensors

Apple is known for always adding to the number of sensors with each device that it rolls out. The iPhone 6, for instance, features an ambient light sensor, proximity, accelerometer, touch ID, and gyroscope sensor. All these sensory features are available in the previous versions. However, the phone features an additional barometer that helps to improve the accuracy of the tracking element. The other sensors allow users to track such aspects like altitude and changes in the weather more accurately.

  • Reachability

Because the iPhone 6 is larger than the previous versions, Apple saw it fit to add a reachability feature. The reachability feature allows users to access all primary areas of the phone without having to use both phones. To access the functionality, all you have to do is tap your phone’s home button two times, and your top half display gets to slide downwards to your screen center.

  • Memory

The iPhone 6 series comes in 4 types based on the memory; 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128G. Each of these phones features a 1GB ram and no slot for an external memory card.

Bottom Line

The used iPhones sold on Yeebia are acquired from the UK and the United States. All these phones are in a good state and legally obtained. Therefore clients never complain about the phone being blocked on not working.

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