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Why Are There So Many Blockchain Companies?

By Barrie / June 15, 2021

A trend in the world of cryptocurrency. Blockchain has continued to make waves in the money and investment world. It even gets better as blockchain can provide solutions to business settlements. Many people looking for answers about blockchain and its services might decide to just go on the internet and find millions of articles about […]


Is Ender-3 3D Printer Worth The Try?

By Barrie / April 19, 2020

What is almost 35 years old but still looks brand new in the current generation? Trust me, it is 3D printing, the additive manufacturing technology, which has been in the world since the era of Reagan. Here is a short tour through the whole history of 3D printing, including the different types of printers with […]


Why You Should Not Invest In Expanded PTFE

By Barrie / February 27, 2020

You have learned that PTFE is an excellent material when it comes to keeping burnt food off pans. The compound also plays a major role in saving your time as well as the energy spent on seasoning- but there is a question of whether this is convenient or not. Is PTFE toxic to humans? Is […]


Why You Should Invest In The Famed Teflon Wire

By Barrie / December 26, 2019

It is crucial to use the right wire that meets your requirements when laying cables in challenging conditions. For instance, if you are about to lay the wire in a place that is exposed to heat and is moist, you will need to go for the right cable that can handle extreme situations and is […]


Some Facts You Didn’t Know About ICOs

By Barrie / May 28, 2018

The whole blockchain and cryptography scene is barely decade old. Yet, investors and startup businesses have been able to build a goldmine from it. That goldmine is known as initial coin offerings (ICO). It has become a revolutionary new way for startups and businesses to generate multi-million dollar investments. They might have only come to […]


Different Types of Blockchains

By Barrie / May 16, 2018

3 Main Types Of Blockchains You Need To KnowWhy Were Different Blockchain Types Created?There is no doubt that blockchain is a cutting-edge discovery implicated in the world’s greatest innovations. Different types of blockchains give us new opportunities in the digital world that are easy and secure to interact with. This network was introduced alongside Bitcoin, […]


Beginner’s Guide to ICO Investing: Steps Involved in Participating in ICOs

By Barrie / March 13, 2018

Cryptocurrencies and crypto-related businesses took most of the center stage in global finance last year and ICO was a big part of it. Digital companies were able to raise billions of dollars in ICOs last year as the rise of cryptocurrencies swept through every industry in the world. However, there are still some people who […]