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Why You Should Not Invest In Expanded PTFE

You have learned that PTFE is an excellent material when it comes to keeping burnt food off pans. The compound also plays a major role in saving your time as well as the energy spent on seasoning- but there is a question of whether this is convenient or not. Is PTFE toxic to humans? Is it a health hazard? To comprehend the basics of the toxicity of this element, let us look at some of the critical points and characteristics of Expanded PTFE Gasket. Teflex Gasket Company shares more insight.

The Toxic Nature Of Expanded PTFE

 Teflon exists in different forms. Pans made from this material can, therefore, be toxic in many ways. That is, when the chemicals fade off, they can end up in the user’s food. Definitely, they will end up in your body. In research by the famous Environmental Working Group Of The U.S., it was concluded that the chemical used in making this compound is toxic to the human body. It is also persistent across different sectors of the world.

The team in charge of conducting this extensive research also concluded that the toxicity of this material is soon going to outlive its users in the coming 20 generations. This implies that the use of PTFE as the primary material in designing pans and other cook wear is a health hazard. Some of the diseases it can cause include liver damage, thyroid dysfunction, as well as a person’s decreased ability to fight infection successfully.

Other research scientists have concluded that PTFE is safe to use. This is solely because it is a stable compound. But this is only true for the element at given specific temperatures. Teflon coatings on pans can break down at certain temperatures. The process will lead to the release of various chemicals that are toxic to the body. These chemicals are also responsible for weakening your immunity.

In other cases, inhaling the fumes can lead to Teflon flu. The polymer fume fever often aggravates this. This type of fever comes with flu-like symptoms, including chills, headache, as well as body aches. And on the outset, you will realize that it occurs after about 8 hours of exposure. The condition will resolve in about 24 hours.

To avoid such health problems, you can take precautions. Try implementing the following tips:

Change the pans often. In this case, you need to ensure that you evade preheating an empty pan. This is solely because an empty pan will often reach a high temperature when placed on the fire. The result will be a release of various polymer fumes. 

Always cook on low heat. This is preferred, especially when preparing meals that are pretty much involving.

It is also important to ventilate your kitchen. This allows you to enjoy the fresh air from outside when it is time to cook. The tip is highly recommended for individuals using nonstick cookware.


PTFE is an invaluable material in several industries. But it also has its harmful side. That is why you should be careful when using the products made from it. In this article, we have highlighted key areas to look into when cooking in nonstick cookware made from PTFE.

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