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How to Shop for a Document Camera

A document camera is not familiar to most people, but its technical abilities and functions are amazing. It is a device that projects and magnifies pictures of objects, transparencies, and paper notes. It is the modern version of the overhead projector used in the past in schools, conferences, offices and many other places. The camera is smaller, with high resolution, and uses only WIFI. We expound on factors to consider when choosing a document camera down below.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Document Camera

Different types of document cameras exist in the market. Depending on the type you select, there are important tips to consider before buying it. They are;

1. Portability

If you need to use the document camera in various settings, a portable one is the best option. Mobile gadgets are suitable for people who travel a lot to work in different spaces. They can easily move with their devices and set them up comfortably. Portable document cameras are also lightweight; hence minimal energy is used to carry them.

2. Lighting

Document cameras have different designs and functions; however, most of them work well in dim lighting. If your sole purpose is to project images of objects or notes, choose one with dim lights. If you aim to use the document camera for extra functions like a video camera or webcam, consider more lighting.

In the case of a webcam, it isn’t easy for someone to see you during a talk or conversation, especially if you use it to connect with other workers during meetings or work-related businesses. People will most likely hear your voice but can’t see you. To use a webcam, go for the type with a light source connected to it to get a lot of light.

3. Flexibility

Before buying a document camera, ensure it fits your purpose. If you aim to capture an object, ensure it is flexible enough, i.e., it can rotate the objects captured in a way that the people can see. When in a meeting, conference, or school, everyone needs to see what has been captured, so buying a document camera that can rotate anything is vital. A flexible document camera is good for use as a video camera or webcam. The adjustable neck will also record items from a 360-degree angle which is ideal for any viewer.

4. Compatibility

Ensure your document camera is compatible with both your computer and whiteboard in case you’re using one. With the growth of the digital space, the computer has so much information stored in it. Having the document camera connect with the laptop makes work easier since you can magnify or project the images or information straight from it. In classrooms, an interactive whiteboard also needs to connect to the device to capture and transfer images from the camera quickly.

Final Words

A document camera is a technological device used by anyone to accomplish a task. Always consider your purpose before purchasing the gadget to ensure you choose the correct type and one that works well for you.

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