How to Make Money Online Through Writing

How to Make Money by Writing Online?

Making money has become an essential entity in the current world. Many people are looking for various ways to make money. Business is the key thing for many of you who wish to make more money.

I know many will take this as a joke but for a small group of unique individuals have chosen online writing opportunities to earn money. You may think that writing is only for the selected few but as a matter of fact, you are more than capable of doing it.

How to Make Money Online Through Writing

Writing has become the easiest route for one to make money online. If you are looking for the simplest and faster way of making money I think you should try online writing. Students are the most interested people when it comes to writing but you can also earn through writing for the rest of your life.

There are various ways in which one can make money online through writing. They include:

1: Guest Writing

Guest writing is also known as Guest Blogging. This is where a technique whereby a writer is given permission to write and post a blog on another person’s website. This method of making money online has become popular in the late 2000s.

Many website owners have come to learn that through guest writing the quality of traffic increases hence prefer having various guest writers hence creating jobs for most guest writers. The quality and unique work are the most key things a guest should possess.

Starting as a guest writer is usually a challenging thing. Most of the guest writers do not know where to find legit online jobs. Many end up writing without being paid. I think I can be of help when it comes to finding the legit and well-paying website for guest writing. They include;

These websites have the well-paying guest writing opportunities. If you are a guest writer and looking for an opportunity please visit the above websites.

2: Freelance Writing

A freelancer is a self-employed writer who is not interested in a long-term job by a particular employer. In a report released in 2012, most of the population in North America do freelance writing. Payments in freelance writing vary with the skills a freelance writer have.

Freelance Writing

High quality work and experience is also a factor in freelance writing. Many new freelance writers usually are confused on where to kick-start their career. Others abandon freelance writing after they fail to find opportunities.

If you are a new freelance writer I think you should open accounts on the following websites that provide legit jobs;

This is only but a few but if you are looking forward to making real cash through freelance writing I think you should try with the above websites.

3: Book Publishing

Publishing is the act of generating information and making it accessible to the public. Book publishing has become a new method of making money online through writing. Most of the online book publishers have a hard time to find a legit website where they can publish and sell their books online.

Book publishing is categorized into two;

  • E-Book
  • Physical Books

Book Publishing

To make money through book publishing I think you should consider using Kindle Direct Publishing. This website is great because it gives the ability to do the following:

  • To reach the market quickly – Book publishing on Kindle take less than ten minutes and your book appears in one or two days.
  • Earn more money – Kindle enables you to earn 70% royalty on your book sales to customers in Canada, US, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and many more.
  • You have the control – They let you set the prices of your books and rights.

Hence if you are a book publisher and you need more money you should definitely sign up on Kindle Direct Publishing and start earning through writing.

4: Start Your Own Blog

A large group of writers always dream of owning a blog. This is usually a challenging route for many people. But passion is the only requirement to have a successful blog. Having your own blog enables you to make money online.


To have a successful blog you should outline the following;

  • Have a name for the blog.
  • Make your blog online.
  • Modify your blog.
  • Write and put out your first blog.
  • Sponsor your blog online.

Most blogs fail because the above outlines are not put into consideration. WordPress is the leading website that enables you to create and manage a blog in the simplest way. Having your own blog enables you to make money on your laptop online with no much hustle.

5: Copywriting

Copywriting is the achieved by text writing with a motive of advertisement. People have not mastered this method of making money online. If you need to earn with no stress you should definitely try copywriting.

If you are new to in this category do not be in a rush because it can highly cost you. Hence you should seek free lessons from Frank kern. A top copywriter currently in the United States of America. Some copywriters get jobs in the following areas;

  • Copywriting Organizations
  • Advertising Organizations
  • Public Relation Companies

But for others they prefer working as self-employed contractors, undertaking copywriting jobs for a number of clients. The following are some of the best websites where you can find freelance opportunities;

If you are looking to earn real and more cash you should look for great opportunities in these websites.

6: Ghostwriting

Ghostwriters write articles on behalf of another person but do not get credit for the work done but make good money from it. When a person needs a new copy of his or her website they simply hire a ghostwriter.

If you are thinking of being a ghostwriter I think you are going in the right direction. But you should put into consideration the amount of time and expertise to land more jobs. Also, you should have the passion for it because research plays a key role when ghostwriting.

For those starting to ghostwrite you should use the following websites due to the availability of work and good pay. They include;

  • Upwork
  • Guru


Making money online through writing is not an easy job as you may think. Passion should be the key pillar before you start writing. Proper grammar and fluent English are also key. Before taking the mantle in writing to make money you should consider the above pillars to be successful.

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