Top Tips to Survive the Reality of Self-Employment

Having a business of your own is a pride to many people especially the young generation. However, do you know the necessities of being self-employed? I guess not. Many people perceive that starting a business of your own is the simplest thing to do.

If you have that mentality please seize from such thoughts. For a while, I have been self-employed and I have had several difficulties. Nevertheless, I have been able to overcome them. For you they may seem challenging but you need to carry on.

The following are the most relevant tips on how to sustain your self-employment.

Ten Tips to Survive Self-employment.

  1. Maintain your Professionalism.

When starting your own business you choose the area, which you know. Apart from knowing the area, you should maintain professional etiquette. You should be able to relate with your customers in the best way possible.

Also, differentiate between your personal life and business life. When it is business, time stick to it do not mix your personal life and business you may end up losing your professionalism. In addition, you should dress properly even though you are self-employed.

  1. Be Connected.

Many self-employed people tend to forget that they are supposed to have a strong internet connection. Please if you are starting a business, do not forget this relevant tip. Internet connection will help you know the recent advancement in your business sector.

You should connect with other similar businesses. Please do not do business as if you are the only one. Bill Gates one of the richest business has connected with businesses similar to his. If you want, success and profit in your business have a good connection.

The most important thing ensure you have the fastest internet connection.

  1. Maintain your Relationship with People Who Matter the Most.

I know one person does not start many businesses but in between, they tend to be disagreements. Yes, this occurs, it might be your best friend or close family member. Even though this take place, please do not go abusing them in social media or any platform. Ensure you keep calm and show respect to them although you disagreed.

In addition, ensure you have a close relationship with your family members and friends who have helped you. Most of you tend to forget people when they start making huge profits. I know your business might be time consuming but also find time to talk with the people who matter the most.

  1. Work your Butt Off.

In order to be successful ensure you work smart and hard. Self-employment tends to make some of you reluctant. Do not be, this might cost you a fortune. Ensure you work extra hard in your business venture. Sitting back and waiting for your staff to do everything is not wise, you should also come up with ideas of running the business.

Ensure you maintain your time of work do not engage yourself in things that are not relevant to the business.

  1. Find a Niche.

Becoming self-employed is not a simple thing. Having a suitable niche is the most important thing for your business to thrive. You should discover a niche that you are good at doing. For example, if you are a writer ensure you find the suitable writing tips.

This makes you to work smoothly with no stress. If you do not know you niche please do enough research and find one that you may be able to do. You should follow the following of you are looking for a niche of your own.

  • Pinpoint your interest and passion.
  • What problems can you solve?
  • Research on your niche.
  • Determine the profit margin.
  • Put it into test.

If you do the above, you will have a suitable business time.

  1. Customize your Workspace.

Having a well-furnished workspace tends to be a comfortable entity for many self-employed business people. Ensure you make a workspace that suits you. This helps in organization of your documents and files. Even if you are doing your business from home, ensure you set a room for your business.

  1. Know your Numbers.

Any business must involve money. Ensure you know how much you are making on a daily or weekly basis. Do not be a money moving entity. Differentiate between turnover and profit; this seems to be a problem to many self-employed people.

  1. Have a Good Accountant.

For any business to thrive you should ensure the accounting sector of your business is okay. Many people think that they can do everything by themselves. Do not cheat yourself; having an accountant can save you from running broke.

Do not find any accountant but find the best of the best. If you employ a good accountant, be sure your business will grow enormously.

  1. Consider Profit over Gross revenue.

Gross revenue is vital for any business. However, do these businesses consider how much profit they make? While running a business of my own I usually confused between profit and turnover. As time went by, I realized I was making a small profit. This was because I did not put down my expenses. I came to learn that I was spending more than what I was making, hence changed. Now I making enormous profits than before.

If you are running a business, ensure you differentiate between profit and gross revenue. “Gross revenue is vanity but Profit is sanity.”

  1. Put it All Away and Relax.

After having long days or weeks working, you should rest for a while. Working is a tiresome thing and tends to make one to forget important things about life. Do not work the whole day or week. Ensure you find some time for yourself.

Some of you tend to sacrifice their sleep in the name of making money. This is insane; make your body feel relaxed for a moment. Switch of your laptop, lock your office and go out to enjoy yourself. On the other hand, you can even watch a movie or play.


Self-employment has its challenges if you are thinking of staring one of your own please consider the above tips in order to be successful.

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