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5 Protections That a Power Supply Adapter Offers

When choosing a power supply adapter from www.gvepower.com, considering the amount of power it can is usually is the most vital point to mull over. Seldom does one think of the ramifications of choosing an incorrect power supply adapter. However, power supply adapters offer more than just wiring means to connect power from socket to your device. Power adapter provides power protection and below are some of the power supply protections they offer;

  1. Power Supply Adapter Protects Your Devices From Overcurrent

Sometimes, more current than is necessary can be delivered in the power socket. Often, this is caused by a short circuit between the ground and the power supply output.  As expected, a maximum overload leads to overheating and damage to the device. A high-quality universal ac power adapter offers protection from this by having an overcurrent protection system that regulates the current delivered when it exceeds a certain amount.

  1. Power Supply Adapter Protects From High Temperature

Because of fluctuations in power supply, overheating due to short-circuiting is a common side effect. Excessive operating temperature leads to damage of a device and the cables that connect to it. For this reason, most power supply adapters employ the use of a temperature sensor to minimize damage caused by overheating. They do this by disabling the supply when the temperature exceeds a certain limit.

  1. Power Supply Adapter Protects From Overvoltage

Often a mobile or an AC adapter laptop usually can withstand an overvoltage of up to 20% without incurring permanent damage. Failure mode usually occurs when the voltage surpasses the device specified percentage. An overvoltage protection feature turns the supply off to minimize the risk of damage. At times, the inclusion of a zeber diode is employed to regulate the supply hence turn off when the voltage threshold is exceeded.

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  1. Power Supply Adapter Offers Protection Against Soft Start

During the initial powering of a device, an AC/DC adapter offers a soft start. This is typically the initial starting current that is realized in the powering of a device that later allows an increase until the normal desired current level is achieved. Unfortunately, because of fluctuation in power currents, an initial high peak charging current can impact the supply output voltage leading to damage. The soft start allows control of this hence protects the device from excessively high current.

  1. Power Supply Adapter Offers Under Voltage Lockout

Finally, an AC/DC adapter plug offers protection against under voltage. Often, under voltage causes a lag in the system hence causing excessive heat as the adapter tries to compensate for the limited supply. However, to ensure that no damage occurs to your cables or device, a power supply adapter turns off the supply if the voltage falls below an unreliable operational level.


Choosing an adapter from Gvepower Company will ensure that you enjoy the benefit of a high-quality adapter. Overall, as it protects your device from damage from unreliable voltage and current levels, choosing a power supply adapter that meets your specifications is vital. For this reason, avoid setting for just any kind of power supply adapter and select one that will provide suitable protection hence save you money.

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