7 Services Offered By The Best Sourcing Agents

A sourcing agent helps companies save money by locating sources and locations of available products at low prices. Furthermore, sourcing agents could establish a business that serves several other businesses or many employers. Many people in the market usually confuse a Sourcing Agent Vs a Sourcing Company. Well, both have different meanings, even though some of the services rendered are almost the same. This post will inform you of 10 service processes offered by the best sourcing agent.

What is the definition of a sourcing company and sourcing agent?

Sourcing companies also go by sourcing agencies. They consist of a team of experts who are experienced in assisting businesses or individuals in sourcing, warehousing, shipping, and quality inspecting. At the same time, a sourcing agent is a person who assists sellers in finding products as a full-time job.

7 service processes offered by the best sourcing agents

1. Quality Management processes

The best sourcing agent’s role involves inspecting the various stages of a product life cycle. Quality is everything when it comes to product marketing. Therefore, one of the service processes of sourcing agencies is to ensure that products reach the necessary quality.

2. Compliance certification

A compliance certificate is crucial for every manufacturer to have. The primary issue is that many small-scale manufacturers do not have any compliance certificates. Therefore, as a foreigner, it can be challenging to distinguish between compliant and those who are not. Hence it is essential to get sourcing agents as part of their services, investigate manufacturer’s compliance and ensure that all products go through all the required regulations according to the law.

3. Pricing of products

The price at which you get the products will determine how much you will sell the product. The high prices may deter customers, therefore, leaving you with dead stock. Thus one of the services offered by the best sourcing agents is good pricing bargains.

4. Product Specification

Another service process offered by sourcing agents is to communicate product specifications and quality to manufacturers and producers. Also, during the product picking and manufacturing process, sourcing agents inspect the product to ensure that all the specifications are met.

5. Product Sample

The sourcing agents’ service process also includes analyzing different product samples from various producers and concluded on the best product sample and sample costs.

6. Customs clearance

Lack of speedy Custom clearance can cause a lot of delays in product delivery. Hence, sourcing agents offer their experience in the clearance processes. They take charge of ensuring that the customs clearance happens with no delay, thus fast goods delivery.

7. Period of production

Some producers might have what you are looking for; therefore, no need for production. But if you have a product that requires customization, the sourcing agent will oversee the production process, do quality checks, and monitor.


The works of a sourcing agent, in short, is to make life easier for you as it allows you to reap many benefits. Furthermore, time saved by using the services of sourcing agents can be used for other purposes such as marketing. Therefore, the above points will guide you on all services offered by sourcing agents.

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