A to Z Guide of How to Display a Butterfly in a Shadow Box

Butterfly lovers collect samples as they visit the park or at a campsite. All types of butterflies are beautiful, and displaying them makes an incredible décor. A butterfly in a shadow box is an excellent technique for showcasing its beauty. Maintaining a butterfly’s beauty requires preservation and a butterfly shadow box allows long-term conservation of a butterfly. Grab the best shadow box in the market and make a beautiful collection of varying species of butterflies.

Step-by-Step Guide of Displaying a Butterfly in a Shadow Box.

An individual must know how to glue butterflies in a shadow box if they want to make beautiful butterflies wall art. It doesn’t hurt to be unique. On the contrary, having unique butterfly décor and wall art pieces helps you make a statement. A set of actions ensures that a butterfly shadow box display is perfect.

Choosing the correct shadow box

If it is your first time making a butterfly in a shadow box piece, you might be wondering what kind of butterfly box to use. There are a lot of shadow box styles, each suitable for varying purposes. One can choose to buy a shadow box in stores or make their own. If you decide to make one at home, you can transform a standard picture frame into a shadow box or build one from scratch. Creating a shadow box at home can be a bit complex if one has never done it. However, it is entirely doable. Store-bought butterfly shadow boxes are the best since one can choose the size and shape they want to depend on the size and features of the butterfly they will be displaying.

Gathering required items

One must gather all required items to ensure the project’s smooth and quick running. One will need a fresh butterfly and the right shadow box size that you will be used to display the butterfly. Pins and tape are necessary for taping the butterfly in the shadow box. The pins hold the butterfly into position as one glues it down. Then a burlap with the fabric texture of your choice.

Sticking the butterfly

One must ensure that the butterfly is fresh and hydrated, giving it an attractive appearance. If the butterfly is stiff, leave it in a wet towel to ensure it is perfectly hydrated. Unfasten the shadow box’s back frame and warp the burlap around it. One must ensure that the warp is tight to give a smooth surface. Use the tape to attach the fabric to the shadow box’s back firmly. Mark the center of the shadow box to ensure the perfect positioning of the butterfly. One can determine the center by measuring. Hold the butterfly’s thorax and pin it at the mark at the center of the shadow box. The pin will give the butterfly a floating appearance after mounting. Ensure that the wings and the antennae are all in place before assembling the shadow box. Then hang it in a spot of your choice.


Displaying a butterfly in a butterfly shadow box is an excellent way of creating art with meaning. Adding décor to the home gives it vibrancy and an impeccable look. There are different ways of attaching the butterfly to the shadow box. One can choose pining or gluing and still get perfect results.

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