All We Need To Know About LED Strip Lights

Strip Lights have been used for a long time. The essential purpose of using them is that they can be used as a replacement for a number of light bulbs. Another advantage they pose is that they can be fixed at any compact area and give a brighter light than typical lighting luminaires. Strip lights are designed by contractors to provide a bright beam of light, but one significant problem they have is that they consume too much energy. LED Strip Lights have been introduced to deal with this problem. They provide a better bright beam of light and save energy which ultimately keeps in electricity bills.

In What Sizes Are LED Strip Lights Available?

LED Strip Lights are available in three sizes, and each has different voltage options so that one can choose accordingly to his requirements. The three different sizes, along with their voltage options, are briefly discussed below:

  • Two feet LED Strip Lights: These lights can be placed at places like door entrances or small store rooms, or pathways. A compact size allows us to put them anywhere. These lights can be used as a replacement for two or more LED Lights; this saves us space and also keeps our electricity. These lights are available in four different voltage options ranging from 15 watts to 25 watts.
  • Four feet LED Strip Lights: For rooms that are relatively large or studios or halls, these lights can be used. They are neither too big nor too small to fit in a place. They can be easily installed as a replacement for numerous light bulbs, which take up considerable space as they have to be placed at a distance from each other. They have voltage options starting from 30 watts to 50 watts.
  • Eight feet LED Strip Lights: Industries, offices, halls, and such places need an extensive network of LED Lights to light up the entire area well. LED lights are best for the purpose, yet if someone wishes to save up extra money and wants lights to be placed closely together, he should opt for 8 feet LED Strip Lights. These lights are also available in four multiple voltage options, which are 60 watts, 68 watts, 72 watts, and 80 watts.

Should We Choose LED Strip Lights Or Simple LED Lights?

This question seems unclear whether one should choose LED Strip Lights or not. Most people believe that LED Strip Lights cost more than standard LED Lights. This might be true in one way but is wrong in another. The installment cost of LED Strip Lights is higher than normal LED Lights, but these lights can be used as replacements for plenty of light bulbs as only one is required to replace five or more LED Lights. They also give a bright beam of light and show no uneven distribution. The entire area seems lit up bright without any disturbance or obstruction in the proper functioning of light. Both lights have their benefits and can be used according to the needs and wishes of the buyer.

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