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The five main categories of motorcycles in the market

Motorcycles, otherwise known as bikes, are the epidemy of edgy when it comes to modes of transportation. While some may refer to them as risky, motorcycle enthusiasts are some of the most passionate fanatics in the globe. Unlike conventional vehicles, motorcycles are more prone to damages resulting from falls and accidents. This has led to the growth of the motorcycle service industry as well as manufacturers of Companies like Tarazon.com pride themselves over the fact that they provide some of the best quality parts for all types of motorcycles. Such companies need to offer a wide variety of products as there are several types of motorcycles.

Types of Motorcycles

3 motorcycles in the market (2)

Several systems can be used to break down motorcycles into types. For instance, you can split them depending on how they are used and the design in which they are manufactured. In this post, we use both of these systems to categorize the types of motorcycles.

  • Naked motorcycles

Naked motorcycles are also known as standard bikes, as they are very versatile and used for a variety of purposes. The most recognizable feature of these bikes is the fact that they are designed with an upright setting. They also feature a partway positioned between the reclined riding posture as well as the forward-leaning posture of a sports bike. The bikes are relatively smaller than the other types, and they also are not designed with windscreens as well as fairings. This type of motorcycle is very flexible, cost-efficient, and does not have massive engine outputs that affect the environment.

  • Touring motorcycles
3 motorcycles in the market (3)

Touring bikes are designed for traveling purposes. They, therefore, feature large-displacement type engines and a windscreen or fairing to provide extra protection during different weather situations. The bikes also feature a large fuel tank that can hold large amounts of fuel for long travel distances. In addition to this, the bikes have impeccable accommodation features for both riders and luggage.

  • Cruiser motorcycles

Cruisers are the most comfortable of all the styles of motorcycles. The bike features two moderate speed settings and a foot forward and hands up riding position. The bikes, however, have limited cornering ability because of its inadequate ground clearance. They are also straightforward to ride because of the turned engines that feature low-end torque features.

  • Sports bikes
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Sports bikes are categorized by high speed and acceleration, high braking ability, and adequate grip on the roads (paved or not). All the features mentioned above influence the cost of the bikes, which is as high as that of the fuel that it consumes. The bikes have high performance, yet small-sized engines.

Final Word

Sports touring bikes are also a type of bikes that combine the features of both sports bikes and touring bikes. This means that the rider posture is less inclined towards the end to provide more comfort for long-distance riders as compared to that of regular sports bikes. On the other hand, their engine capacity is high, as well as their acceleration and braking features.

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