How To Choose The Best Shower Grate?

A shower waste grate, also known as a shower drain, is a fixture that is connected to the shower’s drainage system. It allows for water to get into the drainage pipes while sieving any materials that could block the drainage system from penetrating. Today, there are different kinds of shower grates in the market. In this article, we look at elements to consider when choosing a shower grate.

Factors to consider when choosing a shower grate

1. Compatibility

One of the main factors to consider when choosing the best shower grate is whether or not the grate is compatible with your drainage system. Understand that not all shower drains are compatible with your shower drain. The first thing you need to do is understand your drainage pipe. The type of pipe will help you determine the kind of grate to choose. If your shower drainage pipes are made of plastic, then the best choice of grate would also be plastic. The same goes for metal pipes and metal grates.

The installation system also differs from one type of grate to the other. The grates can get installed by either a screwdriver or wrench depending on the type and the material. Linear drainage systems tend to require more complicated forms of installation. Therefore, before choosing the most suitable kind of grate, make sure to consider the mode of installation as well as the type of pipes in your shower drainage system.

2. Material

As mentioned earlier, the material you choose should be compatible with the material used to make your shower drainage pipes. However, also consider the durability and the cost of the material. Whether it is plastic or metal, consider the types in the market. Choose plastic that is durable and one that can withstand being stepped on without breaking. Also, find metal that is rust and corrosion-resistant.

3. The flow rate

Another significant factor to consider is the flow rate. The wise decision would be to choose a shower drain that can remove water faster than the output from the showerhead. You do not want to have the bathroom flood while you are taking a shower because the drain is too slow. The flow rate is greatly dependent on drain grate size, the bathroom size, and lastly the showerhead. Consider a shower grate that is considerably larger than the showerhead.

4. Aesthetics

This is one of the main factors that people consider when choosing a shower grate. Homeowners care too much about the interior design of every corner of their homes, including the shower. While it is crucial to choose function over fashion, it also wouldn’t hurt to get a product that goes with the rest of the bathroom’s aesthetics. Linear drains are some of the most popular because of their design and elegance. However, make sure to shop extensively and consider the function of the grates before making the final decision.


When choosing the best shower grate, consider the following factors as well as the price of the product. Make sure to compare different types and brands. Do not be too quick to decide as you could end up making the wrong one. Consider the pros and cons of each brand and type as well.

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