How to Get Personalised Cases?

Chimi cases are the new frontier when it comes to quality case manufacture and production. But our most intriguing feature, however, is our customizing service. Our client reviews are a testament to the fact that we always deliver and we never let down our clients. Our Chimi case is well crafted and created to satisfy customer needs. However, there is an occasional need for personalized cases for your products and items.

But we do more than just simple personalization of cases. We personalize and customize cases for all shapes and sizes and numerous functions. We also produce these cases in bulk if the need be. So whether you are a producer or not, we still have your back. Bulk production or just singular production of cases, we at Chimi cases have just the thing for you.

Chimi Personalised Cases

The personalization or customization process we adhere to ensures that you are a client are extremely satisfied. We try to ensure that you are not stressed at all. Either in the aspect of design or other aspects, at Chimi we almost literally bring the goods to your front step. Similar to just about everything else today, you could get your very own personalized case all without leaving the comfort of your home.

We have over time, developed a somewhat integrated series of processes that assist in personalizing or customizing your very own case. If you already have a sketch or a design prototype of the specifications of the case you want we could help you with the actual production. However, if you do not have a design or prototype we can also help you with the design.

So regardless of the situation, we have you covered. Whether you want us to start from scratch (with the design) or not, we have your back covered. The presence of our state of the art facilities as well as our well-trained staff, give us a special qualification to cater to all of your customized case requirements. From the little cases to the larger ones, Chimi cases quite ironically could be described as being able to handle all sorts of “cases”.

How Can you Get a Personalised Case?

These cases are relatively easy to get. Once the design is sorted it does not take long for the main case to arrive. Assuming we handle the initial design, you would get a prototype in a few days. If you approve of the prototype, then in at most 6 weeks, you should be getting the actual product delivered to your doorstep.

But if we have a detailed design or prototype sent to us, then at times in just 4 weeks you could get your case. All in all, between 4 to 6 weeks you can expect to get your very own personalized case.


So as long as you can imagine the design of the case you would like, we at Chimi case are very much at your service. Contact us today and get your personalized case delivered to you in no time.

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