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3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Online Business

A decade ago, online shopping was still limited, and most transactions were usually from more progressive countries. But right now, even simple things like groceries and baby diapers can be bought and delivered to the end customer. To have a successful e-commerce business, the business owner should consider the quality of the product, the checkout experience, and the shipping speed. Here are some strategies that can improve each of the categories mentioned. 

1. Getting an order fulfillment service

Did you know that 61% of shoppers will not push through the purchase if the taxes are too high? And almost 55% of the shoppers include the shipping speed in their overall shopping experience. Almost 40% of shoppers will not shop again if they received poor delivery, and 25% will likely cancel the order if the delivery is not fast. When these things happen, your business can experience great sales and opportunity losses, which is not good.

What is an order fulfillment service?

An order fulfillment service saves you from falling out of our customers because of shipping problems. Basically, an order fulfillment service delivers your product to your customers in a quick and cost-efficient way. This service also takes care of warehousing and inventory problems that you might encounter during the transit. Although there are a lot of ways to ship your products, partnering with an order fulfillment service is so far the best solution. 

2. Make the checkout process easier

Another important thing in customer shopping experience is the checkout process. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, it’s hard not to get frustrated when you can’t purchase because there is no available payment option for you. In this age, you can always find a way to purchase online. But there are still things you can do to improve the checkout process. Just adding a payment option can make a significant change to your shop.

The payment options are important

PayPal is one of the easiest and most accessible payment portals to use. Imagine if Amazon accepts PayPal as a payment option. But your e-Commerce business is not Amazon, and you’re free to support competing for payment options for the improvement of your business. Make a lot of payment options available in your shop to make the checkout process easier for your customers. The convenience will likely bring them back to your store again. 

Online Business and E-Commerce

3. A functional and easy to use GUI

And last but not the least is revamping the Graphical User Interface or the GUI of your website. There are a lot of website services that can do the design automatically. All you have to do is to enter the texts, the pictures, and be more creative with your descriptions. However, if you have a very specific product, or you want to have more customization in the customer’s part, you might need to add more efforts in your website’s GUI. 

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