Making Surgical Face Masks

Your Ultimate Guide To Selecting A Surgical Mask Making Device

Also identified as a procedure mask, a surgical mask is often worn by healthcare individuals during surgery or nursing to prevent the passing of bacteria usually shed in liquids and aerosols from a wearer’s mouth. A surgical maskĀ is not really designed to help protect the wearer of the device from inhaling virus particles or any airborne bacteria. That explains why most medical professionals are into the development of a surgical mask making machine.

It is crucial to note that these masks are known to be less effective than various respirators, including FFP masks. Now that you have grasped the basics of wearing a surgical mask, it is crucial to understand the importance of choosing the right surgical mask making machine. In this article, we share such insight.

Introduction To Selecting The Best Surgical Masks

With the outset of the deadly virus claiming lives across the world, there is a shortage of surgical masks and other supplies used in the prevention of the spread of the virus. This is an urgent issue that needs to be solved instantly.

Whether you are a medical professional or just a mere citizen seeking knowledge about these masks, the following guidelines should help you in the selection of an appropriate surgical mask making machine.

The basic structure of the surgical mask

The choice of mask making machine is highly dependent on the basic structure of the surgical mask. Most of the medical masks in the industry are made of three layers composed of non-woven material (fabric).  

The inner mask layer is non-woven and used in the isolation of the fluids emitted by the sick. The layer of the filter found in the middle will then be used to melt the treated fabric which is the barrier against different germs.

The technical specifications as well as requirements for those medical masks

Every surgical face mask has its technical specifications and requirements. When choosing a machine for making these masks, you need to weigh in on this crucial factor. Some of the universal testing standards for these masks, especially in China, are:

  • The ASTM F2100 specification for the performance of materials that are used in the medical design of surgical masks
  • The nature of the respiratory protective device- Here, we are looking at the nature and composition of filtering masks when it comes to protecting the user against particles of germs.
  • The NIOSH Guide used in the selection of respirators

The folding of the mask

Anyone working in the manufacturing sector of surgical masks understands that folding of the masks is one of the major processes involved. Adult masks usually have certain specifications. With the right machine, the manufacturer should ensure that they have the right size of masks for different people.

Final Thoughts

Medical masks are sold in the market only after passing a specific test because of the actual characteristics of medical purposes. Usually, the testing of these masks entails factory inspection. Some of the elements medical professionals checks include;

  • The appearance of the masks
  • The size of the masks
  • The bands
  • The quality
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