Why Packaging Is Important in Marketing

All businesses that sell products that can be held and carried around cannot do without packaging. Even for start-up companies or businesses, the packaging process is still important.

Packing and packaging are parts of the production and marketing process that most businesses have to undergo. Some manufacturers make use of a China packing machine for this purpose.

The use of the terms can be confusing sometimes. A common mistake when discussing the topic is the usage of the terms packing and packaging.

A good step to understanding the role of packaging and packing in the manufacturing and production industries is to understand what the terms mean.

Packaging is referred to as the first action done when preparing goods for shipment. This is important to the retailer who will receive the shipment of goods.

On the other hand, packing is the second and also important part of preparing goods for shipment. It is important to note that packing covers the packaging that was done in the first place.

Though the terms are often used interchangeably and are sometimes confusing, understanding the terms will help to make their different roles in the industry stand out.

What Are the Basic Functions of Packaging?

· It Serves as a Protection

A major function of packaging is its ability for the object to be protected from external forces that can damage the product.

There can be environmental and natural influences that occur with time which can ruin the product. The packaging protects it from such influences.

This can be seen in two ways. Physical protection and natural deterioration.

Natural deterioration is caused by the effects of water interacting with the product. Sometimes it may be something different like sunlight, heat, cold, gasses, rodents, or even bacteria.

The packaging is there to protect the product from naturally existing factors like these that can occur depending on the environment and how long before it reaches the final consumer.

· Physical Protection

 Packaging is also there for physically reducing the shock and vibration that the product will get during transportation. It provides extra protection to reduce the impact of the product falling to the ground.

· Information

The packaged product usually carries the necessary information that the consumers need. Generally, the information o the package talks about the product features, its weight, and the manufacturers.

For food and medicine, the requirement is to have the method of preparation for same, its ingredients, the nutritional benefits, the date manufacture, and date of expiry.

· For Promotional Purposes

Many companies and manufacturers make use of attractive and colorful packs to draw attention to their products. The package plays its role as an advertisement.

· Containment

Containment involves making the unit shipping load firm and stronger. There is always a lot of adhesives to go around. These packages have their stockers attached individually to them.

The purpose of containment is to make sure that the product does not get destroyed or develop any fault during transportation to the desired location.


Whenever you buy a well-packaged product, take some time to think about the numerous processes and hands that have passed the product before getting to you.

 It will help you understand its importance better.

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