swan white granite

A guide to choosing swan white granite

Granite is among the popular materials used for interior decorations in commercial and residential premises. It features shades of grey and white that gives out a sense of elegance like no other.

Swan white granite is a type of granite from Brazil. It comes in different designs, texture, and color that can fit in any building design layout. So, you want to use swan white granite for your home d├ęcor?

Here a few essential things to consider when selecting swan white granite.

Pattern, Color, and Polish.

Swan white granite comes in different patterns; solid, marbled, and speckled. Depending on your general kitchen theme, you can choose a granite pattern that will blend well without making things seem out of place.

Solid patterns are the best for small rooms to avoid having a cramped-up feel. For dramatic visual interest, speckled swan white granite will work perfectly.

You will also want to pay attention to the polish nature of the granite. Depending on your style you can opt for flossy or honed swan white granite. In terms of color, be keen on the hue of the granite. Swan white granite is primarily white in color with black and grey accents.


Since they are highly sought-after countertop materials, they do not come cheap. Dealers and exporters price their granite differently depending on various factors. Conduct your price research online before deciding to buy your granite.

Compare prices from different granite dealers and find the best deals. However, you should ensure that what you are buying fits your budget. Be on the lookout for sales offers and take advantage of the low prices.

Quality and Durability

The main reason why granite is highly sought after is because of its quality and durability. Whenever you set out to buy granite do not compromise on quality. Thick granite is considered high quality and durable as opposed to the thin ones. Additionally, high-quality granite should have uniformity in terms of color, texture, and thickness.

The perfect swan white granite is the one that will withstand all the impacts thrown at it including water, heat, scratches caused by playing kids, and heavy equipment.

Do Not Rely on Samples

Ideally, before you enter a granite dealer shop you already have the visualization of what you want. In most cases, you will be shown samples of the granite to select from. However, do not go with what you see in the samples.

Request to be taken around the shop to see and feel the granite for yourself. Doing so will allow you to examine the granite in detail and check for hairline cracks, dents, scratches, and other inconsistencies.

Buying granite based on the displayed samples will result in you buying granite slabs that do not meet your styles and expectations.

Settle for Granite Slabs

Depending on your style and needs you can choose to go with swan white granite slabs or tiles.

Slabs are the most appropriate and easy to work with especially if you are placing it on a wider area preferably kitchen countertops. Moreover, they have more consistent color, texture, thickness, and pattern since they are carved out from huge blocks of granite.

For small areas and when you have a tight budget, tiles can come in handy.

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