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Choosing and reusing disposable face masks

Surgical face mask manufacturers are some of the few players in the word’s economy that have benefited from the Corona Virus pandemic. The moment WHO declared Corona Virus as a pandemic, the demand for disposable surgical face masks hit the roof. The masks came from being a product for medical healthcare providers to must-have products for the general public. The increase in its demand resulted in a decrease in its availability. In response to the situation, knock-off companies came up with products that may not be as effective as need be. Other shady manufacturers drastically raised the prices of the masks. However, companies like Huana are working hard to meet the increasing demand for the product while providing the best quality disposable face masks at affordable prices.

Choosing the best disposable face masks

Below are some tips that would come in handy when selecting the best disposable surgical face mask;

  • Make sure that the mask is properly packaged. The package helps to make sure that the mask is not contaminated before use.
  • Be keen on the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the box. If the box does not feature instructions, it is a red light on the quality of the masks.
  • Inspect the masks for structural issues like tears, holes, and cuts.
  • Make sure that the mask has three layers. Anything less than this would impact its functionality negatively.
  • Purchase a face mask from a known manufacturer

Can you reuse a disposable surgical face mask?

Indeed, disposable face masks are designed for a single-use. However, special situations can demand to reuse. Some of these situations include;

  • If you are alone at home or in your car, among other places. In such a situation, you can take the mask out when taking on tasks like eating and wear it again afterward.
  • If the supply is low. In situations where you do not have another set of masks like what has been the case over the past few months since the declaration that Corona Virus is pandemic.
  • If you are using the mask in low-risk places. If you are using the mask in health care facilities, it is never okay to reuse. However, in low-risk areas like inside a taxi, it is okay to reuse the masks.

Reusing a disposable surgical face mask

If you find yourself in either or more of the situations mentioned above, you are allowed to reuse disposable face masks. However, make sure that the mask you plan on reusing is completely clean and not moist. Also, make sure to store the mask in a dry, properly ventilated and clean environment if you are planning on reusing it. Do not be fooled into thinking that using disinfectants or sanitizers to clean the mask before reusing it. What the disinfectants do is reduce the masks’ efficiency of protection.


After using the mask for the recommended amount of time, follow the removal procedure below. First, clean your hands using soap and water or hand sanitizer. Make sure to avoid the front of the mask. Instead, use the ear loops and the sidebands.

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