High Bay Lights

Major Trends In The High Bay Light Market Trends In 2019

Projects that need heavy-duty lighting in buildings such as factories, as well as manufacturing plants, need more lighting. In this case, high bay lighting would come in handy as the significant sources of light. The high lumen lights are customized to offer distributed as well as uniform light in different areas. High bay lights are majorly used in high ceilings. They can also be installed 50 feet above the floor. As with any product in the market, there are different trends in the industry of high bay lighting. In this blog post, you will learn more about high bay light market trends in 2019.

  1. The Rise In Market Value

The high bay light market is gaining invaluable traction. Its value is currently estimated at $ 2,000 million. It is also expected to increase over a couple of years. With the rise in smart manufacturing across different regions, there is also a rise in demand for these products. Other than that, the increase in the incorporation of revolutionary industrial steps has also contributed to the rise in market value.

  1. Competitive Prices

Manufacturers of high bay lighting have been producing different brands of products at slightly affordable prices. The availability of these lights at competitive prices has led to increased demand. For that reason, recently, a principal significant price reduction in costs has taken place. This has led to the adoption of bay light by many commercial dockets. But remember, choose your lighting type depending on the usage and budget limits.

  1. Rise In Advanced Technology

Unlike the conventional high bay lighting bulbs, the current lights are an improved version. Today, you will find a stable version of high bay lighting that reflects the contemporary style of a building. The same high bay lighting has now become efficient in delivering about 44.000 lm output of light.

High Bay Lights

  1. Workplace High Bay Lighting

Fluorescent high-pressure, high bay lighting comes in three different bulb types. Today, they are outdated and slightly out of use. The lighting types are also less effective such that almost 50 percent of the population finds them substandard compared to contemporary lighting. The new version of high-pressure, high bay lighting is more effective. More business professionals have a significant preference for it.

  1. Introduction Of Market Segments

High bay light provides effective yet efficient illumination of various spaces, including factories. Because there are different types of light in the market, there is also increasing awareness of acquiring energy efficiency in commercial operations. This has resulted in the development of market segments and technology aimed at growing the entire industrial sector.


Currently, storage facilities are lit by high bay lights because they are designed using different lighting technologies, including light-emitting diode and high-intensity discharge bulbs. At the same time, high bay lights are made of fluorescent lamps. The inclusion of these technologies in the manufacture of high bay lights play a role in cutting energy consumption. But the main point remains, anytime you are choosing your High bay light, the purpose or intended use should be your primary guide.



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