LCD manufacturers and their specifications

There are various leading manufacturers of the LCDs modules that are found in China. One notable manufacturer is the east rising organization. This organization offers a vast range of sizes from small and medium sizes from 1.77 inches to 10.1 inch which is the size of the active area of an LCD module. There are different types of models that are found online and they each have several interfaces available such as parallel or video, HDMI or the interface. Fans for Arduino which selects TFT display modules that have Arduino shield which aids fast communication and it helps add color to other projects and each derivable item is accepted so that it can meet the requirements. There are different touch panels such as the optional or the capacitive touch panel and the option for pin headers.

It is suitable for several applications which include industrial control, machines for making coffee, the use of medical equipment, energy control, telecommunications lines, POS, automation, etc.

There are graphic displays that are available of different dot matrix such as 122×32, 128c32, 128×64, 128×128, 160×64, etc. These modules have different polarizer options that can be reflective, transmissive or transflective. The LED backlight is available in different colors such as yellow, red, blue, white, RGB, etc.

It usually used for different instruments and machinery types of equipment including home appliances which include white goods, POS, home appliances, industrial instruments, and audio or display systems.


They offer a wide range of different characters LCD modules for the customers’ application. The LCD characters available in 8×2, 12×2, 16×1, 16×4, 20×2, 24×2 up till 40×4 formats or with a 5×8 matrix character. The LCD panel has different technologies including TN STN, FSTM, FFSTN Z including different types with polarizer if positive and negative modes. There are many LED backlight that is in different colors such as yellow, green, amber, red, etc. And the RGB which means that there is no backlight option there.

There are different IC options for fonts character which include English or Japanese, western European or eastern European, Scandinavian European and Cyrillic or Hebrew font. These LCD modules or LCM modules can be used for different industrial applications which includes entrance guard equipment, telegram or a medical device, a car or audio, goods, game machine, toys, etc.

Eastrising is also a professional module supplier that provides a vast range of passive matter OLED which includes PMOLED Graphics, OLED displays that come with the board and the OLED display panel. Various mechanical constructions include Chip on board, Chip for glass and Tab Automated Bonded tea. Customers can choose to get an upgrade from LCD to OLED. The size varies from 0.49 inches to about 2.04 inches.

These OLED modules are just right for devices like electronic cigarettes, goods, and home appliances, instruments used in the industry, mixers, equipment used in the car, dashboards for cars, audio or clocks for cars, machines, meters, and tuner for instruments, external disk, and printers.

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