LED Light Damage

Top Reasons for LED Light Damage and How to Avoid it!

LED light damage is real. The blue light can cause huge destruction to your retina. It may also disturb your sleep rhythms. While the sun contains orange, yellow, as well as blue light rays, the intensity of these shades highly depends on the wavelength of the energy. Here are the top facts on LED light damage and how you can evade them in all ways!

  1. LED Lighting Damages Milk  

Research scientists at the prestigious Cornell University have published a journal report indicating that LED lights can interfere with the quality of milk. In many cases, this occurs when the milk is exposed to this lighting for many hours. Over the years, those who consume milk have opted for various fluids stored in a quality container that’s left under the LED for only a few hours.

  1. LED Lighting Can Damage Your Eyes

The blue light LED lighting is known to cause extensive damage to the eyes. Since it’s often used in homes, it can quickly get into direct contact with the retina. The same will disturb your biological rhythm. That’s why it’s vital to take precautions.  You may begin by wearing anti-glare glasses to prevent your eyes from getting into direct contact with the light.

  1. LED Blue Light Increases The Chance Of Macular Degeneration  

LED Light Damage

The blue light LED is known for penetrating the retina. That’s the eye’s inner lining. Therefore, it’s vital to stay away from the exposure of the blue light. Besides, it can also destroy the sensitive cells of the eyes — the same causes various changes in the structure of the eye, including macular degeneration. Numerous laboratory studies have indicated that extensive exposure to the LED light causes extensive damage. In severe cases, it may cause permanent eye loss.

  1. You’ll Strain A Lot.  

High energy LED light is known to scatter quickly. That’s why it’s faster than other forms of light. Every time you look at your computer screen, or any other digital devices such as cellphones, you’ll realize that your eyes are subjected to some form of light. The same causes strain to the entire face. It may also cause digital eye strain. To evade this, stay away from excess LED lighting.

  1. LED Lighting May Cause Insomnia

LED fluorescent light emits diodes. Over the years, the lighting has taken over the energy sector. From smartphones to laptops, you’ll find yourself using a gadget that has an intense LED light. The result is insomnia. You’ll end up having sleepless nights coupled with slow mornings. To evade this, you should stay away from the gadgets when it’s bedtime.   

  LED Light Damage


Many homesteads are utilizing LED lighting in different ways. Given that the light harms eyesight, memory, and sleep, it’s become necessary to sensitive users. This article shares vital information regarding the cons of using LED light. You’ll also learn how to avoid the side effects.




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