Top 5 Reason Why Businessmen Invest in Custom Sculptures

By Barrie / June 18, 2020
Custom Sculpture

Businesses of all sizes are investing in custom sculptures. Some of them purely because of altruistic reasons, while others see value beyond that. It can help their businesses be even more successful.  Here’s a list of reasons why businesses are in a romance with custom sculptures, especially corporations and big businesses.  #1 Create Corporate Identity […]

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Choosing and reusing disposable face masks

By Barrie / May 6, 2020
medical face mask

Surgical face mask manufacturers are some of the few players in the word’s economy that have benefited from the Corona Virus pandemic. The moment WHO declared Corona Virus as a pandemic, the demand for disposable surgical face masks hit the roof. The masks came from being a product for medical healthcare providers to must-have products for the […]

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A guide to choosing swan white granite

By Barrie / April 28, 2020
swan white granite

Granite is among the popular materials used for interior decorations in commercial and residential premises. It features shades of grey and white that gives out a sense of elegance like no other. Swan white granite is a type of granite from Brazil. It comes in different designs, texture, and color that can fit in any […]

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Is Ender-3 3D Printer Worth The Try?

By Barrie / April 19, 2020
3D printer

What is almost 35 years old but still looks brand new in the current generation? Trust me, it is 3D printing, the additive manufacturing technology, which has been in the world since the era of Reagan. Here is a short tour through the whole history of 3D printing, including the different types of printers with […]

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How To Driving Sales For Your CNC Retail Shop

By Barrie / April 13, 2020
CNC Retail Shop

The actual market for CNC machining has continued to grow over the years. However, reaching reliable target customers is not as easy as it was for the CNC machine shops. That is why industrial buying habits are currently changing. If you own a CNC machine shop, you may want to pace up and invest in generating […]

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NAS vs. SAN: which one should you go for?

By Barrie / April 9, 2020
Network Attached Storage

Raspberry pi NAS devices offer consistent and reliable network-based storage, making it incredibly versatile. Today, users will most likely need expandable and dependable storage for high-resolution photos and regular video capture. Mobile phone and laptop or PC storage are nowhere near sufficient for the needs of one user, let alone multiple users in an enterprise […]

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