What Huawei Mobile Ecosystem Offers

HMS is a platform designed by Huawei that replace Google apps such as cloud storage, maps, and more. Ideally, it offers developers the tools and resources they require to make their apps. Ideally, the HMS has App Gallery plus other services and apps. Developers can access the HMS core that is made up of SDKs, APIs, and resources developers use to make apps. Although Huawei mobile services are not new, it has grown and expanded after the US ban.

You should note that Huawei is a leading smartphone manufacturer that provides a variety of devices. Its smartphones are known for excellent battery and camera prowess. It is estimated that HMS has over 700 million users across 180 countries. It is expected that all the Huawei smartphones.

What Does HMS Offer?

For smartphone users, HMS provides various apps and services that replace GMS. Huawei App Gallery is the most important and replaces Google Play Store in Android phones. They also have other services such as huawei camerakit, audiokit, themekit, and more. The following are some of the services provided by HMS.

Huawei ID

Before you can use Huawei HMS, you need to register as a developer. As a result, you will be given a Huawei ID. It is the same as having a Google account or Apple ID. It allows you to customize your devices. Therefore, your personal data, wi-fi passwords, messages, and contacts are synced to your account.

Huawei Mobile Cloud

The cloud syncs with your account to provide you access to your device data in a single place. Therefore, your things such as videos, contacts, photos, calendars, contacts, and notes are stored in the backup. You are provided 5GB free cloud storage, and you can buy extra storage of up to 2TB. You can even access your cloud storage on the PC.

Huawei Assistant

The latest smartphone releases from Huawei are equipped with Huawei Assistant. This feature replaces core functions and facilitates information apps and search accessibility. Moreover, it has a SmartCare feature that offers access to the contextual cards of sports and stocks. You should note that devices running EMUI 10 or higher will come with a digital assistant.

Huawei Music

Ideally, this is a music streaming service from Huawei. The company has not revealed much regarding it, and it is available on a wide range of devices globally. The service will host music from artists from around the world, like other apps. Moreover, the music will be classified into different moods, regions, and genres. The party mode feature allows you to track different mobile phones to provide a shared listening experience.

Huawei Browser

This is what Huawei smartphone users will use to surf the web. Also, the browser comes with an integrated newsfeed and dark mode. Thus, it is easier to use the browser.

Huawei Video

You can find Huawei video on Honor and Huawei devices that run on EMUI 5.0 or higher. The service contains European TV series, sports videos, movies, documentaries, and more. Also, it segments applications across various categories that include entertainment, media, and more.

Huawei Themes

This theme allows you to personalize the smartphone with fonts, themes, wallpapers, lock screens, and more.

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