Selecting the Ideal Dump Truck Manufacturer

Although it is currently worth just about an excess of the whooping sum of 56.3 billion Yuan (which equates to about 8.2 billion US dollars), SAHG is still rapidly evolving. SAHG which stands for Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., LTD is ranked 20th among China`s top 500 enterprises in the field of machinery. As for the relevance of this information, keep reading to find out. In your bid to get the best dump truck manufacturer in the market, you need to find a trusted manufacturer.

There are quite a few automobile manufacturers around the world. But finding which manufacturer to trust is a feat easier said than done. No dump truck manufacturer would go out of their way to convince you that there are dump trucks in the market which are more reliable than theirs. On that note, this article will be outlining a few dump trucks manufacturers who would no doubt give you dump trucks that are worth every penny spent.

Top Choices for Dump Truck Manufacturers

Among the various dump trucks available, some of the more popular models are:

  1. F2000 Series
  2. F3000 Series
  3. H3000 Series
  4. X3000 Series

The first manufacturer of choice would obviously be the Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., LTD. In addition to the brief introduction to SAHG given at the start of this article, there is much more to them. But for this article, the business side is not as vital as the product aspect. SAHG has amassed a wide array of sturdy, large, and trusted dump trucks.

The second dump truck manufacturer of well-earned prominence we will consider is the Volvo Construction Equipment. Across the world in various nations, Volvo Construction Equipment as a dump truck construction industry has made a name for itself. They have import and export services as well. This ensures that the dump trucks get to the target customers regardless of their locations.

The third group is the Scania. This is another awesome manufacturer of dump trucks. The company is of Swedish origin and has been a major player in the heavy trucks industry for years. Their products have been tried and tested over time. They are extremely durable even in the most trying terrains.

Another world-famous construction equipment manufacturer is Hitachi. More prominent in Asia and Europe, Hitachi is known for its rigid and highly advanced dump truck models. However, they also have other large scale construction machinery.

Last but definitely not least on our list, is the American company, Caterpillar. The trademark yellow color of their equipment has become a common sight in construction sites across the globe. Their dump trucks are equally highly notable.


The arrangement of the dump truck companies is not of any particular importance. If you are in the market for the best dump truck manufacturer, the five mentioned above are all viable options. Just consider your finances and which of them would be easier for you to acquire in your area. The dump trucks manufactured the above-mentioned five would definitely meet your demands.

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