Qualities of a Good LED Wall Manufacturer

In this article, you will learn more about some of the top qualities of  LED video wall manufacturers across the world with a Dreamway Technology Co as a perfect example. Located in China, Shenzhen Dreamway Technology Co. Limited is the industry’s leading Outdoor LED screen, and Indoor LED display manufacturers. Its products include Transparent LED Display, LED Screen Rental, Taxi LED Display, LED Poster, and Flexible LED Screen. Dreamway started operations in the year 2013, and in that very year, 150 units of different size and shapes of Taxi LED Display screens got exported to Brazil. Today the company exports its products to over 50 countries globally, including Mexico, Nigeria, the USA, Brazil, and New Zealand.

a. Value in Integrity

The company’s core value is integrity; they ensure clients are provided with top quality products at affordable prices. Their quality control focus is on satisfaction, reliability, and guarantee.

The Dreamway Team Consists of well-qualified employees, some of whom have over ten years’ experience in the LED screen field.

b. High-Quality Components

Top-quality components are the priority of several manufacturers. Like other leading commercial lighting manufacturers, experts in the business use the best features to make long-lasting LED lights.

c. Services

A good LED manufacturing company offers pre-sales, sales, and after-sale services to its customers.

After-sales services

The company provides important details and relevant information to clients regarding the production procedure.

Providing Excellent Sales services

Customers are offered specific, detailed project solutions according to their requirements. A CAD card could also be provided to the client free of charge if needed. During production, photos, or videos of the client’s projects could be taken to show the client the project’s current step.

Providing Top-Notch After-sales services

  • 3% spare parts of the project would be provided to clients free of charge.
  • If customers are interested to learn, free technical training would be provided. If not, remote control service would be provided to solve problems in one hour during working time (9:00 am to 18:00) and 12 hours during non-working time.
  • A 12 or 18 or 24-month warranty could be given for LED modulesbased on different LED lamp configurations. Other sectors like control card or power supply could get 12 months’ warranty.

If a defective part is realized during the purchase period, clients can send them back to the company and repair it for free. The shipping costs incurred during this process are to be incurred by the buyer and seller equally.

Beyond that period, if there are any defective parts, the buyer could send the details for a free repair at the factory where the buyer fully pays the shipping costs

Achievements and Certification

An award-winning manufacturer in LED lights manufacturing receives a CB certificate that comes from either FCC or Intertek. Lastly, note that all products must pass ISO900 and RoHS certification for them to be rated of standard quality.

Final Thoughts

Dreamway’s advertising LED screens are mostly used in advertising programs due to their good and quality lighting. To date, this type of LED lighting has served thousands of users for the last six years plus. In present day LED screen are used in public spaces such as malls, parks, buildings, taxis, and airports. Dreamway’s business approach is engineered to achieve a win-win situation between the company and its clients.

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