Custom Sculpture

Top 5 Reason Why Businessmen Invest in Custom Sculptures

Businesses of all sizes are investing in custom sculptures. Some of them purely because of altruistic reasons, while others see value beyond that. It can help their businesses be even more successful. 

Here’s a list of reasons why businesses are in a romance with custom sculptures, especially corporations and big businesses. 

#1 Create Corporate Identity & Branding

A custom sculpture is the furthest thing from a billboard or a promotional video. It rarely includes words or letters. Instead, it offers something way more powerful than words – it evokes emotions. 

It can tell a different story about your business, one that is of emotions, empathy, and warmth. No marketing campaign or promotion can capture emotions like a piece of art. 

Not so long ago, custom sculptures were the privilege of big corporations, banks, and rich investors. 

However, thanks to a breakthrough in technology, small business, entrepreneurs, and startups can also afford to get a taste of art in service of their business. 

#2 To Close a Business Deal

Most Businessmen are like other people, they like art, too. But they also know that art sometimes makes people bring their guard down, even if it is for a moment. They see that as leverage when they try to negotiate a business deal. And most business people will take any advantage they can in their pursuit of a better deal or closing the deal in the first place. Very often, an impressive piece of art can give them that leverage.

Anyone that has ever walked through the corporate hallways of some of the wealthiest companies will acknowledge that. Many even display the artwork of the old masters in the same manners as museums. 

For them, it is a symbol of their success as it is a not so subtle message that speaks of their power and wealth.

#3 To Impress New Talent

Nowadays, the most valuable resource is not some exotic material, but human talent. The entire world is an open hunting ground, and many companies, through their HR departments, will do pretty much anything to attract the most talented people.

Almost by default, the common nominator for talented and intelligent people is their artistic sensibility, even if they are part of the tech world. Most of the potential recruits won’t stay indifferent in front of a monumental piece of art.

#4 Increased Value

A custom sculpture is a type of property whose value can increase ten or more times over time. From that standpoint is as good as investing in stocks. You can never know how high its value can grow, especially if it is truly an amazing piece of art. You might not be open to selling it right away, but you never know what can happen later. You never know if the artist that made the sculpture is the new Henry Moore waiting to be discovered.

#5 Inspire and Motivate Employers

It is one thing to look at a parking lot from your office and entirely another thing to have a view over some piece of artwork. Art has that subtle power to ignite people’s imagination and spirits like no other thing in the world. At the same time, it can be a powerful reminder of the company’s core mission and values.

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