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4 Tips For Hiring The Best Bathtub Installation Company

A bathroom bathtub is an excellent addition to your bathroom. They transform your bathroom and house in general and adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to your house. However, some of them are made of delicate materials such as ceramics and porcelain, which may break. Whether you are looking to install a new bathroom bathtub or replacing an existing one, always go for the best professionals. Experienced and qualified professionals with a license in the field can save you money in the long run. Here are the top tips to use in hiring the best bathtub installation company.

  1. Reputation Is Paramount

Avoid the temptation of hiring the first company that reaches or walks to your door, asking to install your bathtub. Carry out a background check on the company via the internet. Go through the customer reviews posted on different online platforms. Ask the prospective contractor to provide evidence of their previous works. Gather information online regarding the company before the decision to hire them. Without carrying out proper due diligence, you make end up with a poorly installed bathtub that is licking. Worse still, your expensive porcelain minimalist bathtub may break during installation due to poor workmanship.

  1. Have Every Agreement In Writing 

Whether a friend or relative owns the company, always have all agreements in writing. From quotes to work contracts, always write everything down and ensure all parties sign whenever necessary. It’s vital to keep a copy of all documents regarding the work. Avoid gentleman’s agreements. A contract is a legal document that can be used as a point of reference in case of conflicts. Your expensive bathtub may break during installation. Only a written agreement will ensure that you lodge a successful compensation. Your favorite contractor can easily disown any verbal agreement.

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  1. Always Understand And Put Your Needs First

It is pointless to hire a competent company to install a bathtub in your bathroom without fully understanding what you need. A contractor only works with the blueprints of what you desire. Before making that call, understand what your needs are and have a clear goal for your project. Communicate such needs concisely and clearly to the contractor beforehand. It is advisable to work with the contractor to come up with the blueprint of your work. However, ensure that your needs are given prominence. The contractor is only brought on board at this stage in a supervisory role.

  1. Terms of Service

Always ensure that the cost of installation or replacement of the bathtub is within your budget. Additionally, review the company’s other contractual agreements such as project timeline, quality of work, and warranties. Have the company email the terms and conditions to you in advance. If in doubt, ask for clarification from the management.


After settling down on a bathtub of your choice, the next crucial step is installation. When selecting hiring a company to install or replace your bathtub, always review their experience and track record. Go through their certificates of accreditation and licensure as well as terms of service.


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